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Enjoying The Finer Things in Life
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Welcome to Sybarites, an LJ Community devoted to the pursuit of the finer things in life.

sybarite \SIB-uh-ryt\, noun:
A person devoted to luxury and pleasure.

Sybarite is derived from the Greek Sybarites(see-va-REE-tees), from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city noted for the luxurious, pleasure-seeking habits of many of its inhabitants.

This is a place to discuss and compare experiences and recommendations for making one's life more pleasurable and luxurious. Don't we all deserve it?

This is a place to be polite and civil, not necessarily politically correct.
Someone’s Veal Marsala recipe is on topic; my rant about the meat industry is not. Sharing of your ecstasy over Godiva chocolate is on-topic; my insulting your taste is not. I may however recommend something I find superior or equally good.
How to serve high tea and recommendations of tea brands is on topic. Even where to get a truly good cheeseburger is on topic; how the Seahawks are doing is not.

Photos are very welcome, but please use the lj-cut tag for larger images. Always use a “Not Work Safe” warning if an image contains nudity or any possibly objectionable material. Also please use the lj-cut for longer posts.
If you don’t know how to use the lj-cut, please learn here.

On Topic:
Your own pleasurable, hedonistic experiences (please keep it tasteful and discreet).
Advice seeking or giving on sensual, epicurean or exotic pursuits.
Inquiries as to where to obtain certain goods.
Particularly good recipes for food or drinks (or bath oils, incense, liqueurs, etc.).
Restaurant, lounge, store or product reviews are particularly encouraged;
Any crafts, techniques or arts appertaining to the above, such as decorating or finishing tips, occasional etiquette, etc.
Poetry or prose which is evocative of sensual experience.

Off Topic:
Rude or impolite behaviour.
Graphic discussion of sex. (be as randy and sexy as you like, but have some taste)
Partisan politics, sectarian religion or professional sports. Life during wartime is interesting. Go somewhere else to discuss it.

You will largely be expected to conduct yourselves in a reasonable and civilized manner all on your own.
Don’t make me pull over and come back there.

Now, have fun!

This worldly cleric, nicknamed "the sybarite of Saumane", friend of Voltaire and a social luminary in Paris and Avignon, lived a high old life within the medieval fortifications of his chateau in Provence.
--"The dubious charms of Citizen Sade," Irish Times, April 17, 1999

Beneath the prudish disapproval that colored Upton Sinclair's assessment of California's wealthy sybarites was an amused astonishment at how hard they worked at having fun, at how deadly serious they were about pleasure.
--Richard White, "What California taught America," The New Republic, December 1, 1997

And when the final blessing of a perfect French cook appeared to make our domestic picture complete, we became utter sybarites, frank worshippers of the splendors of the French cuisine.
--Samuel Chamberlain, Clémentine in the Kitchen

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