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Greetings fellow hedonists. I came across this wonderful community a while ago so thought it was about time I introduce myself. My name is Jen and I am studying my PhD in Madrid, Spain. I am half-English, half-Hungarian and have lived in England, Hungary, Germany and Spain. Despite being an impoverished PhD student I still try to enjoy the finer things in life which can be done with a bit of research and creativity. Also Madrid being a city of culture and hedonism does help.

Some of the pleasures I enjoy are under the cut...

Clothes: I adore corsets! This is a serious fetish of mine. I think they look gorgeous, feel nice to wear (in a slight sadomasochistic way I guess, but I just love the feel of them on me. I have about 4 in different colours and textures. However they are something to wear on very special occasions for me though.

Food: I love going to the local food/farmers market near by and buy fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats and fish. I think fresh food picked out in a place where you interact with the people and get to select them is so much more enjoyable than going to a depressing supermarket. I adore all forms of cheeses! I love exploring them with their different tastes and textures, preferable accompanied by a fine wine or a good port. I have a weakness for oysters, and I am planning to have a day in with my lover with some oysters (which are cheap in the market) and a bottle of champagne. And of course black chocolate is just so delicious and sensual.

Drink: I adore wine! Living in Spain I am spoiled for choice with good Spanish wine at reasonable prices. Dinner without a glass of Rioja just seems lacking. I also have a taste for Port, especially with a gorgeous blue cheese like Roquefort or a Picon Asturiano. Absinthe is also a pleasure I enjoy, but in moderation. There is something so delightful about a glass of absinthe prepared the traditional way.

Smoking: Now this is a controversial one. I am not a regular smoker, but sometimes I do find a cigarette can be a wonderful sensual pleasure for me. The taste (yes I like the taste, I am a freak), the sensation and the silvery smoke. This is an indulgence for me and not a need. If one gets addicted to it, it loses the effect of being a pleasure.

Music: I am passionate about music. I love anything which is beautiful and complex from Classical to Darkwave to Metal to Electronica and even Jazz. I love going to a Goth club or a good Techno Rave and dance myself into ecstasy. Best natural high I can get. But I also enjoy going to the Opera regularly (cheap discounts for under 27s also I have friends who are opera singers who get me in for free).

Art: I am so lucky to live in a city with three amazing art galleries and also lots of temporary exhibits too. Often they have days when one can go for free and enjoy some exquisite art!

Friends and Lovers: These are the people who make life worth living. I cannot live without affection and I am blessed in having a very open group of friends who are so loving and affectionate. Sometimes the boundaries are so blurred things do get taken far but in a good way.
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