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So I'm a lady about to lose her favorite perfume because it's almost run out (a mysterious bottle that's probably almost as old as I am, with no description, no way of getting more, and the ambiguous name of "ravenwood"...yes, I know I shouldn't keep it so long, but it did smell sooo good)
This being the case, I need to find a new perfume to call my own. Trouble is, although I like to think I have a relatively good sense of smell, I know nothing about what notes I like and I'm not really sure how to start out. Almost the only thing I do know is that I'm not a fan of the sort of thing you find at the mall.
And by the by, I know Black Phoenix, and while it's a bibliophile's wet dream, I haven't found it particularly useful to my own needs (maybe I got the wrong ears)
Anyway, tangents aside, how to I start on my way to becoming savvy perfume-hunter?

And, as a related side quest- anyone know of a mango and lotus perfume (hermes or something)? My roomate wore it last year, and while I don't want to copy her, I am curious where the devil she got it.
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